What I Do.


I utilise what would otherwise be forestry or woodland waste timber which is normally burnt or chipped, my use for it is rather more “green”.

I inoculate the logs with edible or medicinal mushroom spawn, then I stack the logs in the wood and wait for the spawn to colonise the logs and produce crops of mushrooms.

As the logs produce the mushrooms they decompose releasing valuable nutrients back into the soil.

My mushrooms are naturally grown without the use of any insecticides, fertilisers or other additives. Mine simply get watered and kept in the shade.

Apart from using logs I also grow other species of mushroom suitable for growing in a raised beds alongside vegetable crops or in mulched borders under shrubs and also mushroom patches for growing in lawns and fields.

If you have a shelf full of old paperback books why not turn one of them into tasty mushrooms with my Book Kit, a fun and educational kit.

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