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Chaga Mushroom Herbal Tea


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Pure and unadulterated wild crafted Chaga Mushroom ,perfect for making Chaga Tea The Chaga chunks varies from small chunks to coarse powder

Wild Crafted Chaga  have been hand harvested in Estonia. Harvested from birch trees, only when the wild crafted Chaga Mushrooms are mature, these premium quality Chaga mushrooms are then broken down into small Chaga pieces and coarse powder which can be made into a phytochemical rich Chaga Tea. This can be done by adding the Chaga to hot water on a low rolling simmer for up to an hour (will turn a deep brown colour, then ready to drink).

The same Chaga can be reused many times until the water extracted from the chunks is pale in colour.


1 – 2 teaspoons of Wild Crafted Chaga per cup is usually sufficient for one cup of Chaga tea. Remember that the Chaga can be reused .


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