Can I Do The Same?.


You need very little space to be able to grow a mushroom log. If you can grow a shade moisture loving plant in your garden, either in the soil or in a flower pot, that is the place to “plant” your log.

If you are having a healthy tree pruned or cut down then why not turn some of it into tasty nutritious mushrooms using my DIY Mushroom Log Kits.  You can even biodegrade the stump into edible mushrooms.

If you do not have any logs, you can purchase one of my Ready to Grow Mushroom Logs, these are ready to plant in a shady damp area in your garden.

If you prefer to grow them in the ground, my kits contain enough mushroom spawn to enable you to “seed” an area of 2 square metres.

Some Interesting Pictures


Mushrooms will “eat” anything organic!


The winter Spawn, shows what happens to the spawn plugs when they are inside the log. Strands of mycelium growing outwards from the plugs searching for food


The mushroom life cycle (click to enlarge)

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