Mushroom Growing Kits.

Ready To Grow Mushroom Logs

* Please Note: Mushroom Logs can only be delivered to UK addresses *

No trees were felled solely to provide me with my mushroom logs, my logs are cut from timber that would other wise be chipped, burnt or left to rot. The logs come from the High Weald of Sussex and are sourced from woodland thinnings, heathland restoration projects and forestry waste.

These logs are already inoculated with mushroom spawn and are ready for you to plant out doors in a shady damp location, you can plant them at any time of the year. Treat your log as a shade moisture loving plant. All logs come with easy to follow instructions.

My Ready to Grow Mushroom Logs are approximately 2ft long x 4in to 5in diameter (60cm x 10cm to 12.5cm diameter).

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